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  1. Bob,
    In your paragraph which began with ” I used the panel setting
    to describe the selection of the first astronauts…. many steps from 4000 applicants to six finalists “… I was reminded of your descript-
    ion of your decision to apply to become one of our astronauts.
    I was not a member of that ” selection committee at the huge dark oak table in the council chambers ” but I do recall your telling me of your decision to apply as one of the 4000 …
    … you had been working somewhere as a Mechanical Engineer and one of your jobs was to repair a leg-brace for someone who had been injured. It was your introduction to ” Medicine”. It led you to become an “MD”.
    When you saw the NRC’s announcement that they wanted some ‘would-be astronauts ‘, with back-grounds in Medicine, and also with backgrounds in Engineering, you decided you might have a chance !


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