Where am I?

I went for a walk on Monday (see the red track below). I’ll provide a signed photo to the first person who can state where I am and why I am visiting this region. Good luck!

Where am I July 4-16

Hint: It should be easy to determine where I was. As for why I am here … well, that’ll be more difficult. It might help to know that I will be participating in an end-of-year event in a nearby town on Wednesday, July 6.

8 thoughts on “Where am I?

  1. You’re in Nottingham in the UK, and I think you might be attending the Year 12 ‘Your Future’ Summer Conference at Nottingham Trent University on July 6?

    • Hello, Christian. Great guess … you are close. Yes, I am in the Nottingham region and am here for an educational event. But not at the university.

      • Hi Bob! Thanks! Maybe the medical image understanding conference at the university of loughborough? Or the Quantum Roundabout conference at the university of Nottingham? You have me curious!

    • You were in Nottingjam attending the event at The Elms a School. Thank you so much for sharing your amazing story and for inspiring all those childrens and adults too in such an humble way. All the best and enjoy your stay in sunny England.

    • Yes, Lee, I played a round of golf. But that is not the primary reason I am in the Nottingham region. Hint: I will be participating in an educational event later today (Wednesday).

  2. Dr Thirsk. You were attending speech day at the Elms School, Long Eaton and gave a talk to students at Trent College.

    My eldest daughter (15 years) saw your talk at Trent and my youngest (10 years) was in the audience at the Elms along with myself, wife and her parents.

    You spoke to us all, with a powerful message of education and exploration and of application and dedication. For those willing to listen properly, your words will have lasting impact.

    Thank you.
    Marc Hill (and Katie, Rebecca, Helen, John and Gill)

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