1. Samantha Whelan Kotkas

    My daughters would take out Johnny B Goode and replace it with Paul McCartney’s Blackbird and Michael Jackson’s Thriller respectively.

    1. ross mcintyre

      I would remove Johnny B. Goode, Chuck Berry and replace it with Canadian singer/songwriter Joni Mitchell. This is my very favorite recording/ orchestration of Joni’s “Both Sides Now” , re-orchestrated and recorded ….It is a MUST! Grab a coffee, close your eyes and listen to every nuance….

      1. Robert Thirsk

        Here are a few other suggestions received from readers via Twitter and email for musical selections to include on a Golden Record:
        – include something by Andre Hecker, one of the avant garde group of modern ambient composers
        – include something by Radiohead
        – do not remove Stravinsky’s ‘Rite of Spring’ – the trumpet part is so great
        – good idea to include The Rolling Stones ‘Satisfaction’
        – remove Azerbaijan S.S.R. bagpipes and replace it with Chinese Zen music or Celtic Harp.
        – remove all the classical pieces

        1. Robert Thirsk

          And a few more suggestions:
          – include Bach’s Toccata, performed by Myleene Klass
          – include ‘Love is the Message’ by MFSB (Mother Father Sister Brother), Philadelphia studio musicians
          – include ‘ET Listen Home’ by Anne Cabrera


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