Where am I?

I went for a walk yesterday (see the red track below). I’ll provide a signed photo to the first person who can state where I am and why I am visiting this city. Good luck!

Chancellor Blog July 3-17

Hint: My starting and ending coordinates (green and red markers) were N 51° 53.059’, W 8° 31.922’ so it should be easy to determine where I am. As for why I am here … well, that’ll be more difficult. It might help to know that I delivered a lecture yesterday afternoon (July 3) and am participating in a public panel this evening.


  1. Maliyat

    Hi Chancellor Thirsk! I believe you were at ISU’s 30th Space Studies Program, hosted by Cork Institute of Technology in Ireland. You are also speaking at the International Astronaut Panel this evening.

  2. Nora

    This was too easy…. 😉
    But I’m sure the ISU students loved your talk!


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