1. David Kendall

    Thanks, Bob. An excellent article on a topic that most of us struggle to admit but is SO important. I know from my personal experience that my mistakes, which are plentiful, have been instrumental in my modest career.
    Happy Christmas.
    David Kendall

    1. Robert Thirsk

      Thanks, Dave. I went to the new Star Wars movie last night. The best line in the movie was from Yoda: “The greatest teacher failure is.”
      Very wise.

  2. Mike Hughes

    Very, very true. Good topic.

    A number of years ago Tony Blair (when he was still British PM) went to Silicon Valley to meet the major “captains of industry”, for a meeting where he wanted to learn what made them all successful innovators and how could he replicate that in Britain. The answer he got was “We’ve all failed”.

    Fear of failure paralyses so many people, but without failure, we never learn to succeed.


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