‘Neath the Moon and Under the Sun

I just learned that next month Diana Krall will release a new jazz album. This is good news! During this coronavirus-provoked work-from-home period, I’ve been listening to a lot of her music while working at my desk. The music features great vocals and Diana’s uniquely understated piano playing. It has brought enjoyment to me during an otherwise difficult year.

I’m not sure why I like Diana’s music. I just do. I note, however, that over her career she has recorded several songs with titles or lyrics that refer to spaceflight or to heavenly bodies, e.g. “fly me to the moon; let me play amongst the stars; let me see what spring is like on Jupiter and Mars”. Diana has an explorer’s mindset and a knack for pushing back frontiers. I like to think that the vision of a night sky full of stars inspires her creativity and an ability to convey human sentiment.

“Night and day ‘neath the moon or under the sun” – I’ve noted that Diana’s music often alludes to the cosmos.

And on reflection, I think I also like those songs of Diana’s that are upbeat or speak of resilience (e.g. Hit That Jive Jack, Pick Yourself Up) and that showcase the skills of her remarkable jazz combos. For a fun activity this weekend, I decided to create a playlist of Diana Krall tunes. I selected my favourite songs – notable songs that make me stop what I’m doing to pay attention to lyrics, to a solo or to teamwork amongst her bandmates.

If you’d like to listen to my playlist, here is its link on Spotify

To keep the list tight, I limited my choices to two tracks from each of Diana’s previous 14 albums – a significant challenge since all of Diana’s songs are works of art.

However, I wonder if I missed a classic. Are there other songs of great artistry that speak to you and that should be included? Please use the ‘Leave A Reply’ section below to let me know. I am willing to include up to three tracks per album.

Diana grew up in Nanaimo, BC – across the Strait of Georgia from where I was raised. – Nanaimo Harbour – by E. J. Hughes, 1962

If you are unfamiliar with Diana Krall and would like to hear more from this Canadian talent, then I suggest that you listen to her entire Live in Paris album. This is a milestone live recording that should, in my opinion, be ranked up there with Sinatra at the Sands and Jazz at Massey Hall. During this concert, she plays with top musicians– Anthony Wilson, John Clayton, Jeff Hamilton and others – who swing hard.

Diana is a superb jazz artist who keeps getting better and better. Her success is no accident – she clearly knows what she is doing. FYI the name of the new album to be released on September 25 is This Dream Of You. I look forward to listening to it and am sure I’ll find a couple more tunes to add to this playlist.

A perfect evening for my wife and me would be enjoying dinner under a canopy of stars with a jazz combo playing in the background. – The Café Terrace on the Place du Forum, Arles, at Night – by Vincent van Gogh, 1888

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